Matt Wofford is the President of Wofford Earthworks, LLC. He started the company in 2013 and based it on his passion for the construction industry. Matt has been intrigued with tractors since he was a young boy and has found himself naturally drawn to the industry. Matt acquired his first tractor after he helped assist a couple with storm cleanup. Instead of monetary payment, he was able to negotiate a 1978 Kubota farm tractor for payment. From that moment on, Matt has worked diligently to help create, build, and repair customers’ dreams with his proficient skills in the grading industry.
A few more fun facts on Matt:
Matt was born and raised in Newton County, GA and moved to North Metro Atlanta in 2013. He has established many relationships from individual homeowners to commercial general contractors in the area. Family and friends are Matt’s main motivation in working hard. This is why he works diligently every day to do his best and provide for his company and family! Matt enjoys all things with motors to include dirt bikes and drag racing and of course, all tractors!