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About Us

Matt and Chelsea Wofford started Wofford Earthworks, LLC in the Spring of 2013. They started the company from the ground up, pressure washing homes and heavy machinery in an effort to establish funds to enter the Earthwork Industry. Shortly after pressure washing had begun, Wofford Earthworks, LLC had the opportunity to travel to complete work on stream restoration and mitigation projects in Texas. Matt took on the new opportunity as he had experience in the environmental industry completing stream restoration and mitigation banks in the mid 2000s.

With the money generated from pressure washing and out of town work, Wofford Earthworks, LLC began to acquire chains, tools, lasers, company shirts, and other small items to eventually stock a company vehicle to go onsite to projects.

While out of town and working 14-hour days, Matt worked diligently to acquire as much business acumen, financial strategies, and industry knowledge as he could. Matt listened to Audible while operating equipment in Texas and was able to get through 125+ books in a year.

As the stream and mitigation work was wrapping up in Texas, Wofford Earthworks, LLC started to do some grading work for production builders in Georgia. The work for production builders took off, and Matt was able to come back to Georgia full-time. With the production homes, Matt was able to start grading full-time and bought his first skid steer, truck, and trailer. After about a year of production homes, Matt began to phase into custom home sites and commercial grading.

Since late 2016, Wofford Earthworks, LLC has been providing site work and utility services for General Contractors with work that consists of private schools, car washes, developments, and industrial buildings. In addition to commercial grading, Wofford Earthworks, LLC has continued to complete stream restoration projects for private companies, as well as large energy providers.

Wofford Earthworks, LLC has been a bootstrapped company from the beginning and they have worked hard to build their reputation. They dedicate themselves to delivering a great product. Wofford Earthworks, target goal is 100% customer satisfaction and they work diligently every hour to obtain it. They would not be where they are today without their first customers (or their current customers) and they are appreciative every day for all who have supported them on their journey.

It has been an exciting time since the start of the company and Wofford Earthworks looks forward to the future years to come, new growth, and new and upcoming challenges.

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